Happy National RD Day!

Today was National Registered Dietitians Day – a day to celebrate and honor the dietetic professionals working hard to elevate the importance of healthy living, food enjoyment and achieving one’s potential.

Many folks think of us nutritionists, but the fact is anyone can call themselves a nutritionist – a registered dietitian is someone who has an advanced degree in nutrition and/or food science, completed a dietetic internship and passed a rigorous exam. We’re also required to keep up with the latest nutrition information by completing a set number of continuing education units every five years.

I’m passionate about my line of work and love what I do. I’m also honored to be listed among my esteemed peers as bloggers who are working diligently this month and all year long to provide information about healthy eating, healthy living and achieving one’s greatest potential. Check out my fellow bloggers’ sites as well for some great nutrition info (thank you, Janet Helm, for putting this list together):

To help celebrate RD Day and National Nutrition Month, I’m offering 50% off an introductory meeting for all new nutrition counseling clients. Please contact me at elana@enlightennutrition.com for details and to schedule an appointment. And please visit my website at www.enlightennutrition.com.

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Elana Natker, MS, RD

I'm a dietitian, communications professional, wife, mother - just your typical modern-day woman trying to juggle it all.

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