About “A Sprinkle of Sage”

The idea for this blog started out as an online journal of motherhood (“Sage” is my daughter’s middle name). But I soon realized that many of the thoughts I wanted to jot down were too personal to be shared in the blogosphere. However, I yearned for an outlet to share my thoughts, opinions and musings (shall we say, “sage-isms”?) about issues in nutrition, health and pregnancy that are important to me.

My daughter is now a healthy, active preschooler…and a sister to our newest little family member, a son born in May. My whole life I have struggled with weight issues, both personally and among people closest to me, and I aim to use my expertise to coach others to become their best selves – feeling strong and confident in their own skin. For women – particularly pregnant, breastfeeding and moms of toddlers, through research and my own experience I am acutely aware of the wonders and challenges currently facing these individuals as well and work with them on strategies to start their children off to a healthy start – as early as in utero.

As a dietitian and communications consultant, I plan to use this site as a forum for sharing the latest news and research on nutrition in general – with a bend toward promoting healthy habits in the prenatal and early childhood periods – and to provide my own points of view on issues of the day…or whatever suits my fancy. I welcome feedback and hope to engage in dialogue with my followers.

2 thoughts on “About “A Sprinkle of Sage”

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